Forbes: It's Time to Grant Thunderpussy's Trademark

The real evil we are fighting here is not the definition cited by the USPTO. It's the idea that pussies are weak. Every single living mammal on this planet came out of a vagina. That is true power. The act of creation in it's purest form; the mystery of life. While The Slants were able to reclaim an ethnic slur as a badge of honor that favors the Asian minority, Thunderpussy is hoping to change the way one half of the world's population is viewed. The half that made the other half. Women. 

The words "pussy" and "pussies" are actually already Trademarked individually. Could this case have more to do with the idea that women shouldn't own and run a business that champions female superiority and empowerment? Or are we just plain scared to let women have businesses in general?

Why is it that when Men assert their sexuality, it is a sign of strength and power, but when women flaunt their sexuality, it is a scandal?

Saying that a woman's anatomy is dirty and vulgar is equivalent to saying that women are dirty and vulgar. Pussy is power. Thunder. Pussy.









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